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          AboveTopSecret.com for Jan 14, 2020 @ 7:20 AM EST
          Muslim scholar: 'This regime, for the first time ever, is seriously threatened'
          Political Mud-Pit Jan 12 82 64 rss
          Why? Because we have a President who doesn't coddle with an outlaw regime who supports terrorism. They've killed many US troops over the years andthey're a prolific abuser of human rights, which includes the execution of their own citizens. This is why Trump told Iranian...
          Major eruption in the Philippines ash up to six miles high VIDEO
          Fragile Earth Jan 13 31 39 rss
          The Taal Volcano has erupted as of 12 January and it is presently sending ash up to 6 miles high. The AMAZING power such a sight displays is reallyunbelievable to those of us who have never been near a major eruption....Well to me it is.. The situation as far as evacuations and the prediction...
          LMAO !!!!!I did a double take on this before I started laughing .
          Political Mud-Pit Jan 12 27 29 rss
          I can’t believe that boob tweeted this. What’s even sadder is that someone let him . What goes through his mind except air ? He must’ve beenhigh tweaking. (Bad pun ) I’m banking on just plain stupid . I honestly can’t believe it’s still up . ...
          Appointee for reviewof FBI procedures for FISA court . GRRRRRR
          Political Mud-Pit Jan 12 27 28 rss
          Liberal blogger and frequent Rachel Maddow guest David Kris has been appointed to oversee FISA/C FBI reforms. Kris has consistently supported liberal views on his blog Law Fare and has voiced his opinion that the FBI did nothing wrong. Here’s a littlesnippet from his blog Lawfare. The...
          Royals afraid of living in the US under Trump.
          Political Mud-Pit Jan 13 93 27 rss
          Meghan Markle plans to move to Los Angeles only after Trump leaves office Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly want to make Los Angeles their new home following the announcement that they will "step back" as membersof the Royal Family, but only after Donald Trump's presidency ends. Even though the couple plans...
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          Zero Credibility!
          Rant Jan 12 134 15 rss
          There are a lot of people on ATS that purport to "know something" or have intelligent insight into a particular topic. I and others, I presume, have a hard time with continuing to read a post or a topic when the poster CANNOT FREAKING SPELL! I have seen so many simple misspelled words in the past 30 minutes that I might have to ask my wife if I have OCD.If you want people to take youseriously...
          Protests Erupt in Iran after Military Admits Downing Passenger Jet: "Death to the Dictator"
          Social Issues and Civil Unrest Jan 11 106 31 rss
          Hello sleepy heads on a slow Saturday. I hate Minnesota so no NFL for me today. Freaking mosquito joe country and amazon blondes. Forget aboutit. br/> rotesters in Iran are demanding that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei steps down, after...
          Canadian CEO mad at US over Iran Crash
          Political Issues Jan 13 101 16 rss
          What? What? I recently had a discussion with my husband wondering how Canada would deal with the many Canadian deaths resulting from Iran shooting down the plane. Let's just say I'm not shocked. Welp folks, here we have it. They don't have the balls to call out Iran so they are blaming us. Nice. It seems everyone is always blaming the US,except...
          Prince Philip"What the hell are they playing at?" after Harry and Meghan quit the Royal Family
          General Conspiracies Jan 12 94 17 rss
          First of all I like Harry and Meghan. I hope no harm comes there way. Coupled with the recent Iran blunder; by Iran, the world seems to be nowentering a different ways and means. It may be for the better and its NOT because of The New World...
          President Trump's Senate Impeachment Options - DISMISS or ACQUIT or FULL-BLOWN TRIAL.
          Political Issues Jan 12 86 22 rss
          Sunday, January 12, 2020 It's not yet clear what date the Senate Impeachment Trial will begin, because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not yet transmitted the 2 articles ofimpeachment (Abuse of Power -and- Obstructing Congress) over to the U.S. Senate.But...
          Climatologists predicted today's Australian fires with precision in 2007
          Fragile Earth Jan 11 81 21 rss
          ATS is continuously Spammed with anti-science disinformation claiming that human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases are not forcing global climatechange. Ninety percent of this is opinion, as if it's sensible to dismiss the consensus of every scientific body of national or international...
          Sunday! Sunday! SUNDAY! Boring Sunday
          Food and Cooking Jan 12 68 8 rss
          Here's an inane Sunday thread. What do you guys eat on Sundays? We have a pretty traditional Monday to Friday routine, so our weekends are usually always free to relax and dowhatever we feel like. On Sunday mornings I usually try to eat breakfast as late as possible and use up leftovers. Does anyone ever do this...? We always mix...
          Why isn't Colorado's big 747 SuperTanker helping fight the Australian fires?
          General Conspiracies Jan 12 67 8 rss
          Really? So where are all of those loudmouths from Sweden, Greenpeace and the United Nations?Hollywood? What a perfect time for them to protest theUnited Nations. I mean so what is exactly the UN in existence for? So here we have this monster jet to combat fires. They...
          What's Your Favorite TV Theme Song?
          Music Jan 12 56 13 rss
          While I was binging on old RUSH classics on YouTube, in tribute to Neil Peart, I somehow came across one of the music clips below. I rememberedwatching the Drake & Josh show when my kids were younger. After doing a search on ATS, I discovered It has been about 10 years since there was adiscussion on this topic, so I decided to post a new thread on favorite...
          Democratic Establishment & MSM panic as Sanders surges into the lead in primary polls!
          2020 US Elections Jan 13 53 16 rss
          Well doesn'tThe Democratic National Partyowe Bernie? Possibly all among the worlds 99% are sick of the liars in the USA MSM and all of the powerplayers. Even Iran looks like its destabilized. Well from 2016 the Democrats sure do owe Bernie but they want...
          Thank you United States and Canada - From Australia
          Other Current Events Jan 11 54 66 rss
          There is much toxicity surrounding the bushfires in Australia. I want to put the 'culture wars' aside for a minute and send my heartfelt thanks to thefirefighters from United States and Canada...
          Climate alarmists with more egg on their faces
          Political Mud-Pit Jan 9 63 51 rss
          I mean, what can you say? Honestly, let's not even discuss whether climate change is real. I have one question: If you're serious about convincing enough of the public that this is uber-serious...
          Theory - Pelosi Withheld Trump Impeachment Articles from the Senate to Help Candidate Biden.
          Political Mud-Pit Jan 11 55 42 rss
          Saturday, January 11, 2020 On December 18, 2019, the U.S. House Impeached President Trump on "Abuse of...
          ATS - help me understand...
          US Political Madness Jan 9 92 37 rss
          I'm trying to wrap my head around this... So the House of Representatives passed a resolution to tell the Commander-in-Chief to cease hostilities that had already been determined to have endedthe day before and that Iran was already...
          Just for the "Cryptozoological Fun Of It" ....
          Cryptozoology Jan 10 21 37 rss
          It came to me the other day that sometimes we need to have a laugh when it comes to these wild and weird ideas we might have in regards to those peskyCryptid's (and such). So I said to myself; "Self......
          The Underground War
          Area 51 and other Facilities Jan 10 28 36 rss
          The Underground War,Happening Now... This 38 min video is put together by a Veteran to the Submarine corps. It is an independent production that pieces together work over 30+ years, withsome more recent events put in perspective. Events like China...
          The Ukrainian Flight that Crashed in Iran WAS shot down by a missile!
          Middle East Issues Jan 9 136 31 rss
          I knew it. I even had insider info from my sister who is a Canadian Air Force Pilot. Plus my other friend who is in the same field. Both told me thatthis...
          People who lick the bottom of Trumps boot
          Political Mud-Pit Jan 10 274 29 rss
          I read a very good book recently on American style Fascism which has been on the rise: Giroux makes some very succinct observations with regards to American style Fascism in this video interview if...
          James Corbett totally destroys the LIE that Soleimani was responsible for 600 American deaths
          Political Mud-Pit Jan 10 211 27 rss
          Corbett destroys the LIE from the Pentagon started from the Bush and Cheney era that blames Iran for...
          I Wonder If Democrats Will Claim These Iranian Protestors Are Trumpsters?
          Political Mud-Pit Jan 11 41 27 rss
          Just an honest question. Seems every Leftist on MSM, Hollyweird, or who is protesting on a city street corner, is blaming Trump for the Ukrainian...
          Neil Peart, Drummer and Lyricist of Rush, Dead at 67
          Music Jan 10 37 25 rss
          Man, this sucks. Never knew that he even had cancer. Very sad day for his bandmates, family and fans around the world. Neil Peart, the drummer and lyricist for Rush, died Tuesday, January...
          Spartacus Out!
          Political Mud-Pit Jan 13 47 25 rss
          ...and just like that...the Democrat Party proves it's no longer the party of racial diversity and inclusiveness. Can we ALSO accuse the Dems of racism now? It's only fair...as they seem to prefer old, white, candidates with lots and lots of money. ...
          Those blaming trump for Iran downing airliner want total capitulation to all enemies
          Political Mud-Pit Jan 13 36 25 rss
          Recently, to no ones surprise, many people who dislike trump have been blaming him outright, or alluding to the fact that he...
          UK computer retailer forced to pull ad because the three people in it were men
          Social Issues and Civil Unrest Jan 10 82 22 rss
          A UK computer retailer, whose customer base is approximately 90% men, recently ran an advertisement that showed three (racially diverse)...
          A letter from Iran penned to Michael Moore, Robert De Niro and the American nation
          General Conspiracies Jan 10 51 22 rss
          Well I thought that you all would like to know about this as its front page story over there. It was published and released...
          ‘Human error’: Tehran admits to shooting down Ukrainian plane by mistake
          Other Current Events Jan 10 61 22 rss
          Unfortunate to say the least, Iran has now owned up to accidentally shooting down the Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752: Human...
          Trump White House Says It's Snowing in DC But Nobody Else Sees It
          Political Mud-Pit Jan 13 51 22 rss
          I used the article headline for the OP title. Here is a link to the Newsweek article:br/> Here is the first line. The Trump administration on Sunday...
          Rouhani tweets reference to Iran Air 655 just 2 days before Ukrainian airliner shot down
          World War Three Jan 9 45 19 rss
          Iranian President Rouhani tweeted a reference to Iran Air Flight 655 2 days before a Ukrainian was apparently shot...
          China is Rushing a Hypersonic RBCC/TBCC Aircraft.Something Seems to Have Freaked Them Out.
          Aircraft Projects Jan 11 38 18 rss
          Hypersonics is one of the buzzwords in the military word right now.Everyone is rushing towards fielding hypersonic...
          Human Body Temperature In The U.S. Has Decreased Over Time
          Science & Technology Jan 11 33 18 rss
          Link to Article: Link to Study: Way back in 1851 German physician Carl Reinhold August Wunderlich, declared that the standard human body temperature was 98.6...

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